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Download photos off any website

You've certainly come across some websites that contain great photos, and many of them. Some pictures are so nice that you decide you simply must have them. As you start downloading them manually, you come to the conclusion that going through with your manual plan will consume too much precious time that, instead, can be put into much more constructive endeavors such as learning how to perfectly imitate chickens (you can never know when this rare skill will come in handy), or as volunteering for some great community center helping underage stranded cats with social assimilation difficulties.
In order to save this precious time, which, as demonstrated, can be put into much more helpful tasks, you can use Iphoto. Iphoto enables you to visit websites and download all of the photos they contain for your own personal use. It can access eight different websites simultaneously, locate every picture within them, and download it to your PC.
You should bear in mind that putting it to such use may violate some copyrights, so be sure to make sure that's not the case.
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